Old House Studio | Studio Tour
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Old House Studio was built to sound good. Our facility features purpose-built rooms with construction featuring excellent acoustic design from the get-go. All rooms are built utilizing dimensional ratios and angles from BBC-spec designs and are free of odd or unwanted standing waves, resonances, and reflections. This matters for your recordings. The sound of the space in which an instrument or voice is recorded WILL affect the recorded sound in the end. Our rooms sound exceptional.


Our Control Room is no different. Carefully controlled reflections and ambience means better decision-making in the listening environment. Low frequencies are especially problematic. We have that covered. Our primary listening speakers (Chris Pelonis 4288s) were chosen to fit our specific control room (we have other speakers for reference options, as well, because sometimes choices are good) and our Control Room measures near flat down to about 30Hz.


Feel free to take a closer look at Old House by clicking on sections of the floorpan below. There is an extensive equipment list available as well as a list of frequently-asked questions about the studio and the services we provide.

Old House Studio Map

Old House Studio Map
Control Room Sound Lock Live Room Isolation Room #2 Isolation Room #1

Control Room

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Sound Lock

Live Room

Isolation Room #2

Isolation Room #1