Old House Studio | Rates & Booking
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  • The studio rate is $275 per day
  • House engineers cost $200 per eight hour day 
  • Hourly sessions are $75 per hour, require a staff engineer and a minimum of two consecutive hours per booking.

    Unless you are booking by the hour, the cost of a session is the studio’s day rate plus a house-approved recording engineer.

To book a session at Old House, send an email to Booking@OldHoustStudio.com or call the studio at (U.S.) +1 (980)-960-9899.  

The studio requires a 50% deposit on the time you plan to book. That way, we know that you will be there and you know that we will not book something else during that time. Once we receive a deposit, the date is yours.

Deposits are non-refundable, but you can reschedule session once as long as you give us seven days’ confirmed notice.

If you’d like to use our grand piano, we highly recommend having it tuned on the day you plan to start tracking. Our Yamaha G7 is very well-maintained, has a climate control system installed, and is tuned fairly regularly, but we make no guarantees about the intonation of the piano if it is not tuned. If an out-of-tune piano is what your are going for, we also have a Melodigrand spinet piano, that we have ‘saloon tuned’ a couple of times a year for exactly that.

We do not charge a rental fee on any of the studio’s instruments or equipment. New drumheads, drumsticks, guitar strings, picks, and any other expendables are the responsibility of the client.

Other than that, we ask that you bring a suitable hard drive to back up your project when it’s done.