Old House Studio | Gear
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Old House Studio features a large collection of various musical instruments available for client use. (Of course, you’re more than welcome to bring your own, too!) Whether you want to use our well-maintained instruments as your primary sound sources on recordings or you want to use something “different’ for a specific overdub or part, we have instruments that you should find useful.


We have a wide variety of acoustic drums (six drumkits, twenty-eight snare drums, two large bass drums, six gongs, three conga drums, and various other percussion items), more than two dozen guitars (acoustic, electric, bass, baritone, twelve-string, high-strung and lap steel), twenty eight amplifiers (made between the 1950s and the 21st Century), and fifteen different keyboard instruments, (including a full-sized Yamaha grand piano and a Hammond C3 organ with Leslie cabinet), all available for client use at no extra charge.


Noble & Cooley CD Maple Custom Drumkit
(9×10, 9×12, 14×14, 17×20)
Noble & Cooley Studio Classic Maple Drumkit
10×10, 10×12, 12×14, 17×22)
Yamaha Recording Custom Drumkit
(8×8, 8×10, 8×12, 14×14, 14×20, 14×22–1989)
Gretsch Vintage Round Badge Drumkit
(8×12, 16×16, 14×20–1960s)
Gretsch Catalina Street Drumkit
(6×10, 11×13, 12×16)
“Slingeretsch” Drumkit
(1965 14×18 Slingerland bass drum, mid-60s Gretsch “Round Badge” 8×12 and 14×14 toms)
Slingerland Vintage Marching Bass Drum (9×26–1950s)
Gretsch Vintage Concert Bass Drum (10×28–1950s)
Ludwig Rocker Toms (11×13, 16×16)
Remo 12” Roto Tom
Tama Octobans (#5 & #6)
Custom Aluminum Octobans (Set of four)
Ayotte Custom Maple Snare (4×10–1995)
Gretsch Max Roach Progressive Jazz Model Vintage Snare (4×14–1960s)
Gretsch Vintage Snare (5×14–1960s)
Keplinger Custom Stainless Steel Snare (6.5×14)
Kent Uni-Lug Wood Snare (5×14–1960s)
Ludwig Jazz Festival Mahogany Snare (5×14–1963)
Ludwig LM400 Supraphonic Snare (5×14)
Ludwig LM402 Supraphonic Snare (6.5×14)
Ludwig LB552K Hammered Bronze Snare (6.5×14)
Ludwig LM404 Acrolite Snare (5×14–early 1980s)
Ludwig Coliseum Maple Snare (8×14–1970s)
Noble & Cooley Custom SS Solid Maple Snare (3.75×14–1986)
Noble & Cooley Custom SS Solid Maple Snare (7×14–1990)
Noble & Cooley HP Horizontal Ply Maple/Mahogany Snare (6.5×12–1996)
Noble & Cooley CD Maple Snare (3.75×13–1995)
Noble & Cooley Studio Classic Maple Snare (5×14)
Pearl B4514 Chrome-Over-Brass Snare (5×14–1970s)
(2) Pork Pie Custom Maple Snare (6×13–2001)
Pork Pie Bell Brass Snare (6×13–mid 90s)
Pork Pie Patina Brass Snare (7×13–2009)
Pork Pie Pig Lite Acrylic Snare (6×14–2006)
Pork Pie B.O.B. Black On Brass Snare (6.5×14–2016)
Rogers Powertone Chrome-Over-Brass Snare (5×14–1960s)
Slingerland Mahogany/Poplar Snare (6.5×14–1960s)
Tama BB156 Bell Brass Reissue Snare (6.5×14–2016)
Tama Superstar Birch Snare (5.5×14–2000s)
Tama Swingstar Chrome-Over-Steel Snare (6.5×14–1980s)
Yamaha Recording Custom Birch Snare (5.5×14–1989)


Toca Custom Congas
(10″ Quinto, 11″ Conga, 12.5″ Tumba)
Matador Chrome Timbalitos
(10″, 12″)
Deagan Vintage Glockenspiel
Various bells, blocks, chimes, tambourines, shakers, gongs, and noisemakers


Alvarez ABT60 Acoustic Baritone
Brownsville Choirboy 12 Electric 12-string
Danelectro U2 Electric Baritone (1990s)
Danelectro Convertible 
Epiphone Les Paul (’56 Gold Top Reissue/ P90s)
Fender Precision 4-string Bass w/ Hipshot D-tuner (American–1970s)
Fender Precision 4-string Bass (Custom Shop, Mid 80s)
Fender ’62 Re-issue Telecaster (MIJ, 1986)
Fender Mustang (CIJ 2002)
Fender ‘Custom’ Telecaster 1972 re-issue w/frailin p90 style pickups  (MIM 2003)
Fender American Standard Stratocaster
Fender Duo Sonic w/Seymore Duncan Mini-Humbuckers  (MIJ 1997)
Ibanez AS50 “335” Copy (1980)
Rickenbacker 360 (mid 90s)
Steinberger Spirit
Squire Super Sonic (Vista Series, 1996)
Ibanez 684 Concord “Hummingbird” Copy Acoustic Guitar (1970s)
Rickenbacker 360 (mid 90s)
Rickenbacker 4001 Bass  (1977)
Gretsch Rally (1967)
Gibson SG Standard (2000s)
Gibson ES125 (1968)
Gibson MK-53 Acoustic Guitar (1976)
Peavy T15 (1978)
Yamaha FG75 Acoustic Guitar (red label, MIJ, late 1960s)
Yamaha FG110 Acoustic Guitar (red label, MIJ, late 1960s)
Yamaha FG-110 (black label early 80s)
Yamaha FG-110  (red label early 70s, with Kevin Marshall lap steel conversion)
Yamaha FG-110(red label Early 70s, high strung)




007 Amplifier
Airline 62-9012A 1×8 tube combo (1960s)
Alamo Jet 1×12 tube combo
Ampeg B-15N Flip Top tube bass amp (1972)
Ampeg V4 (1973)
Fender Princeton 1968 Re-Issue
Fender Hot Rod Deluxe 1×12 combo
Fender Squire 1×8 combo
Gretsch G5222
Ibanez TS-15a
Leslie 122 with Trek II combo preamp
Matchless Lightning
Marshall JMP Super Lead Mk2 head (1977)
Marshall 1982 4×12 cabinet (1978)
Marshal 1965b 4×10 guitar cabinet (80s)
Marshall Powerbrake
Old House Custom Fender Tweed Deluxe Clone combo
Orange AD30 2-channel tube head
Orange PPC 4×12 Power Projection cabinet
Peavy 1×8 combo
Randall RG-15 1×10 combo
Roland JC-77 Jazz Chorus 2×10 combo (1980s)
Smokey Mini-Amp
Supro Blues King 8
THD Hot Plate
Traynor TS-50B head
Vox AC30 2×12 combo (1990s)
Vox Pacemaker 1×12 combo (1960s)


Arbiter Fuzz Face
Analogman King Of Tone
Boss Bass Overdrive
Boss CE-3 Chorus
Boss OC-2 Octave
Boss TR-2 Tremolo
Boss TU-2 Tuner
Boss SD-1 Overdrive
Chuck Collins Interfax Harmonic Percolator
Cochrane Timmy Line Boost (v2)
Cry Baby Wah
Danelectro Sitar Swami
DOD FX-17 Volume/Wah
DOD FX-25B Envelope Filter
DOD FX-55B Supra Distortion
DOD FX-96 Grunge
Earthquaker Devices Disaster Transport
Earthquaker Devices Nightwire
Earthquaker Devices Avalanche Run Digital Delay and Reverb
Electro Harmonix Big Muff Pi (Black)
Electro Harmonix Holy Stain
Electro Harmonix Attack Decay Tape Reverse Simulator (2019)
Electro Harmonix C9
(3) Electro Harmonix Hum Debugger
Greer Amps Moonshot
Ibanez DML20 Modulation Delay III (late 1980s)
Ibanez TS-9 Tube Screamer (1996)
Ibanez TS-9 Tube Screamer (2001)
Ibanez TS-9 Tube Screamer (honestly…)
Ibanez TS-808 Tube Screamer 35th Re-Issue
(2) Johnson EAD-2 Analog Echo Delay (1990s)
Korg PME-40X Modular Pedal Board
Korg KAD-301 Analog Delay
Korg KCH-301 Analog Chorus
Korg KCO-101 Analog Compressor
Korg KDI-101 Analog Distortion
Korg KDW-301 Dist Wah
Korg KFL-401 Analog Flanger
Korg KPH-401 Phaser
Korg KSC-301 Sidecar
Korg KWD-701 Wensleydale
Korg KWS-301 Wave Shaper
Klon KTR
(3) MXR Dyna Comp
Moog MF-Delay
Moog MF-Boost
Nobels ODR-1 Natural Overdrive
Old House Custom DB Screamer Distortion
Old House Custom Klon Centaur Distortion Clone
Old House Custom Regulus R-VIII Fuzz Clone
Peterson Strobo-Stomp Tuner
SIB Mr. Fazedelic Dual Phaser
SIB Echo Drive (with Genalex Gold Lion)
Speakeasy T Dynovib
Strymon blueSky
TC Electronic Chorus
TC Electronic Polytune
Tech 21 SansAmp Bass DI
Tech 21 Sans Amp Classic
Tokai Analog Delay
Tokai Distortion
Tonefactor Hellbilly
Walrus Audio Juliana
Walrus Audio Messner
Walrus Audio Mayflower
Z-Vex Effects Lo-Fi Junky
Z-Vex Effects Mastotron

Many, many, more.



Ace Tone TOP-6 combo organ (1969)
Akai MPC Live
Casio CS-1000 Synthesizer (1980s)
Hammond Vintage C-3 Organ (1963)
(w/Leslie 122 speaker and Trek II combo preamp)
Hohner Model C Clavinet (late 60s)
Hohner Ocean Melodica
Melodigrand 64-key Travel-sized Spinet Piano
Moog Grandmother Semi-Modular Analog Synthesizer
Moog Sub-Phatty
Roland XP-30 Synthesizer
(w/ Session, Orchestra, Techno, and Vintage Keys expansion cards)
Wurlitzer 200A Electric Piano (1969)
Yamaha CP-11 Electric Piano (1970s)
Yamaha Dx-7
Yamaha G7 7.5-foot Studio Grand Piano (1966, factory restored in 2002)

Microphones are the start of the recording chain (just past the sound of the actual source in the room) and at Old House Studio, we LOVE microphones. Our collection features over 100 different microphones from the last 65 years of recording history. From early American, Russian, and East German tube models to American and British ribbon mics, and over 50 years’ worth of American, German, Austrian, and Japanese solid state condenser and moving coil dynamic microphones, Old House Studio has all sorts of options covered. Most mics in our collection are represented in pairs or multiples and most mics with “vintage” built-in cabling have been modified with modern Mogami mic cables.


Tube Condenser:
(2) Altec M11 (150/21b) Omnidirectional Tube Condenser (1950s)
Altec M20/M30 (165/175) Multipattern Tube Condenser (1960s)
Chameleon Labs TS1 Small Diaphragm Tube Condenser
Chameleon Labs TS2 Large Diaphragm Condenser
(cardioid and omni capsules)
Lawson Combo
(w/FET & tube amplifiers, L47 & L251 capsules, all interchangeable)
Lomo 19A9 Cardioid Tube Condenser (1960s)
Lomo 19A13 Cardioid Tube Condenser (1970s)
(2) Lomo 19A18 Cardioid Tube Condenser (1970s)
(2) Neumann-Gefell CMV 563 Tube Condenser
(w/ two M7 cardioid capsules) (1960s)
Oktava MK13M Prototype Multipattern Tube Condenser (1970s)
(2) Soyuz SU-11
Telefunken U48 Multipattern Tube Condenser (1960s)


Large Diaphragm Solid State Condenser:
AKG C414EB (Silver) Multipattern Condenser
AKG c414b-ULS Multipatern Condenser
(2) AKG C414XLS Multipattern Condenser
(2) Audio Technica AT4047 Cardioid Condenser
(2) Chandler Limited TG Microphone
Lawson Combo
(w/FET & tube amplifiers, L47 & L251 capsules, all interchangeable)
MXL V67 (Green) Cardioid Condenser
Neumann U87 Multipattern Condenser (1970s)
(8) SE Electronics X1D Cardioid Condenser
Sony C37 FET Multipattern Condenser (1960s)


Small Diaphragm Solid State Condenser:
(2) AKG C451E (CK1) Cardioid Condenser
(2) AKG C451EB (CK1) Cardioid Condenser
AKG C452EB (CK2) Omnidirectional Condenser
Altec M49 (195A) Cardioid Condenser
(3) Audio Technica AT4050 Multipattern Condenser
(2) Audio Technica AT4051 Cardioid Condenser
(2) Avenson STO-2 Omnidirectional Condenser
(3) Josephson E22S Hypercardioid Condenser
(2) Neumann KM184 Cardioid Condenser
(9) Oktava MC/MK012 Condenser
(w/nine Cardioid, three Hypercardioid, three Omnidirectional Capsules)
(2) SE Electronics RN17 Multipattern Condenser
(cardioid and bidirectional capsules)
(2) SE Electronics SE8 Cardioid Condenser
(2) Shure KSM141 Multipattern Condenser
Shure SM98 Cardioid Condenser


(2) Beyerdynamic M160 Hypercardioid Ribbon
Beyerdynamic M130 Bidirectional Ribbon
Beyerdynamic M500 Classic (Limited Edition) Hypercardioid Ribbon
Beyerdynamic M500 Hypercardioid Ribbon
(4) Coles 4038 Bidirectional Ribbon (factory-matched)
(2) Oktava ML52-02 Bidirectional Ribbon
RCA BK5A Cardioid Ribbon
(2) Royer R-121 Bidirectional Ribbon
(2) SE Electronics VR-1


Moving Coil Dynamic:
(3) Akai DM-11 Cardioid Dynamic
AKG D12E Cardioid Dynamic
AKG D112 Hypercardioid Dynamic
Altec 633A Omnidirectional Dynamic
(2) Ampex 1101 Cardioid Dynamic
Audio Technica ATM25 Hypercardioid Dynamic
(4) Beyerdynamic M88 Hypercardioid Dynamic
Beyerdynamic M101 Omnidirectional Dynamic
(2) Beyerdynamic M201 Cardioid Dynamic
Beyerdynamic M380 Bidirectional Dynamic
Beyerdynamic TGX50 Hypercardioid Dynamic
(2) Electro Voice 635A Omnidirectional Dynamic
Electro Voice 666 Cardioid Dynamic
Electro Voice RE15 Cardioid Dynamic
(2) Electro Voice RE20 Cardioid Dynamic
(4) SE Electronics V7 Hypercardioid Dynamic
SE Electronics V7X Hypercardioid Dynamic
(2) Sennheiser E602 Cardioid Dynamic
Sennheiser E609 Silver Cardioid Dynamic
Sennheiser MD409 U3 Cardioid Dynamic
(5) Sennheiser MD421II Cardioid Dynamic
Sennheiser MD441 U5 Hypercardioid Dynamic
(2) Sennheiser MD504 Hypercardioid Dynamic
Shure Beta 52 Hypercardioid Dynamic
(3) Shure SM7B Cardioid Dynamic
Shure SM56 Dual-Impedence Cardioid Dynamic
(3) Shure SM57 Cardioid Dynamic
(2) Shure SM58 Cardioid Dynamic
(3) Shure SM77 Cardioid Dynamic (two white, one black)
(2) Shure Unidyne III Cardioid Dynamic (early SM57)


(2) Crown GLM 100 Omnidirectional Lavelier Condenser
Crown PZM Boundary Condenser

Old House Studio’s outboard recording equipment represents over 60 years of the best of recording technology’s various stages. We have numerous pieces from the vintage “tube” era and early solid state devices, which are excellent for recreating sounds from a specific period in recording history or for carefully adding character to modern-sounding recordings. We also have various high-end pieces built recently, taking from the best designs of the last 100 years of recorded history, including several prototype and custom units.


Old House Studio has 40 channels of outboard preamps (in addition to the 36 channels of excellent-sounding preamps in our analog console), 30 channels of outboard equalizers (in addition to our console and digital plug-in EQs, as well), 47 channels of analog outboard dynamics processing (in addition to our digital plug-in dynamics), and 25 dedicated analog and digital outboard effect devices (not including over 35 effect pedals and our excellent collection of digital plug-in effect processors).


Preamps, EQs, DI, Etc.:
(6) API 512V Mic Preamp (consecutive serial numbers–2016)
(2) API 550A Vintage EQ (1974)
(2) API 560B EQ (1999)
(4) Audio Technica AT8681 UniMix
(2) Avenson Audio Small DI
(4) AwTAC Awesome Channel Mic Preamp/Line Amp/EQ/Mixer
(including the first two original matched stereo AES production models)
(2) Blonder Tongue Audio Baton Vintage Tube EQ
(3) Buzz Audio Elixir Mic Preamp
(2) BSS AR133 DI
(2) Countryman Type 85 DI
(2) Daking 52270 Mic Preamp/EQ (original version)
Drawmer 1960 Stereo Tube Mic Preamp/DI/Compressor
Electrical Audio Custom Mid-Side Matrix
Intersound IVP Preamp/EQ
(2 channels) Langevin AM16 Vintage Mic Preamp (1960s)
(6 channels) Neve 1272 (Averill-racked) Vintage Mic Preamp (1970s)
Old House Audio Pultec-type EQ
Pultec MEQ-5 EQ (1950s)
(8 channels) Presonus M80 Mic Preamp/Mixer (portable)
(2) ProCo DB-1 Passive DI
(2 channels) RCA BC-2B Vintage Tube Mic Preamp (1950s)
(2) Retrospec Juice Box Tube DI
(4 channels) Sontec MEP-250EX Stereo EQ
Spectrasonics M610 Pro Stereo Mic Preamp/Compressor
(4 channels) Sphere 910 Vintage Graphic EQ (1970s)
(4 channels) Sytek MPX-4Aii (all Burr Brown mods) Mic Preamp
(2 channels) Telefunken V72 Vintage Tube Mic Preamp (1960s)
Whirlwind Imp DI


ADR F760X-RS Compex Stereo Limiter (1970s)
Altec 436C Tube Limiter (1960s)
(3) Aphex 612 Stereo Expander/Gate
(2) Audion PS-3010 Stereo Compressor
(2) AwTAC Channel Compressor
Behringer Edison
Dangerous Stereo Compressor
DBX 161 (VU) Compressor (1970s)
(2) DBX 263X De-esser
Drawmer 1960 Stereo Mic Preamp/DI/Compressor
Drawmer MX50 De-esser
(3) Federal Television Corporation AM-864/U Tube Limiter (1950s)
(4 channels) FMR Audio RNC Stereo Compressor
GML 8900 Series III Stereo Compressor
Manley Variable-MU Stereo Tube Limiter
MXR 136 Stereo Limiter
(2) Neve 3310 Limiter (1970s)
Old House Audio SSL Quad Compressor Clone
(2) Old House Audio Teletronix LA2A Tube Limiter Clone
Purple Audio MC76 Limiter
Shure M62V Level Loc Limiter (1970s)
Spectrasonics M610 Pro Stereo Mic Preamp/Compressor
SPL 9629 Two-Channel De-Esser
SPL TD-2 Stereo Transient Designer
Stam Audio Stamchild SA-670 Stereo Tube Limiter
Urei LA-22 Frequency-Selective Stereo Compressor


Deltalab ADM 465 Delay
(2) Deltalab ADM 1024 Effectron II Delay
(2) Deltalab ADM 1030 Effectron III Delay
Dynacord DRP-15 Reverb
Eventide H3000 D/SX Multi-effects
EXR EX3 Exciter
(2) Klark Technik DN-780 Reverb
Lexicon 200 Reverb
Lexicon MPX-1 Multi-effects
Lexicon PCM60 Reverb
Lexicon PCM81 Multi-effects
MicMix Master Room Two-channel Spring Reverb
Orban 245F Stereo Synthesizer
Roland SE-201 Space Echo Delay
(2) Sony DPS-R7 Reverb
(2) TC Electronic D-Two Delay
TC Electronic Intonator
Yamaha REV7 Reverb
Yamaha SPX-90II Multi-effects
Yamaha SPX990 Multi-effects


Universal Audio UAD Ultimate 9 (and more)
SoundToys 5
Empirical Labs
Massenburg Design Works
Plugin Alliance
Boz Labs
Audio Thing
Fuse Audio Labs
Fab Filter (total bundle)
Black Box
Tokyo Dawn Labs
Slate Digital

Our analog mixing console was one that we spent some time trying to find. The Amek Angela is a fantastically under-rated mixing console and their owners rarely put them up for sale. Clean-sounding, but with a nice, useful sonic character, solid headroom, and great-sounding, totally useable equalizers, built in Islington, England between 1982 and 1991. One of the last Amek Angela consoles built, our 36-channel desk is situated in a 51-channel frame and was originally commissioned on June 29th, 1991. Old House Studio is the second owner of this fine console, which was lovingly cared-for by the folks at Roli Music in Laredo, Texas. Documentation of the console installation can be seen here on the TapeOp Message Board. The console was installed at Old House in Gastonia in June of 2008 and moved to our Charlotte facility in 2013.


Amek Angela M65/OBJ A51/24 (1991)


with 36 input modules, stereo buss VUs, phase correlation meter, and P&G 3000-Series faders


24 buss outputs
8 VCA groups
Master mute group
Comprehensive TT patchbay
Custom module positioning modification
Custom polarity reverse switch on channel line inputs
Custom external talkback remote switch
Custom LED mute lamp modification (for lower heat and more efficient power consumption)

Listening is absolutely no joke at Old House Studio and we’ve worked extremely hard to provide a balanced, even listening environment in our Control Room. That’s why we’ve chosen our main monitoring speakers carefully. Our Chris Pelonis 4288 speakers are non-fatiguing, with excellent stereo and 3-dimensional imaging and a near-flat frequency response below 30Hz. This means we can make difficult decisions about low frequency material without relying on a “third wheel” additional subwoofer. The result is a listening environment that translates well outside the studio with no “surprises.” In addition, we have several other sets of nearfield speaker options that make for a nice comparison to our Pelonis system.


For studio monitoring, we provide extremely comfortable, rugged, acoustically-sealed, and balanced-sounding Sennheiser HD280 headphones, but we have other models from available, for additional options and comfort. Our custom-designed cue system allows for each performer to “dial in” their own headphone cue mix via eight-channel Mackie mixers. Need more bass? Turn up the bass in your own headphones without affecting the other performers. Less click track? Turn it down in your headphones while the drummer can have it as loud as he needs.


Pelonis 4288 Mk II Speakers System
Genelec 8030C
Genelec 8020B
Bowers and Wilkins 805 Natalist
Bowers and Wilkins 805 Matrix Speakers
Yamaha NS10M Speakers
Oratone ‘Suitcase’
Juster 95A Active Speakers
Bryston 4B NRB Amplifier
Rotel 1080
Hafler P3000 Amplifier
Alesis RA-100 Amplifier
Turbosound iP500 Powered Modular Column PA Speakers
Sennheiser HD280 Headphones
AKG K-240 Headphones
Sony MDR-7506 Headphones
Fostex T40 Headphones
Beyerdynamic DT-770 Headphones
Sennheiser HD-600



Avid ProTools (current)
Burl Mothership BMB3
(w/32 channels of BAD8 and BDA8 and two additional channels of BDA4M digital audio conversion and word clock)
Dangerous Music Convert AD+ stereo analog-to-digital converter
Lynx Hilo
Alesis Masterlink 2-track Digital Hard Disk Recorder
Panasonic CD player
Fostex DAT Recorder
Nakamichi SX-202 Cassette Recorder
Tascam MK202 Dual Cassette Recorder